A Special Day

Happy Birthday Stud!

So it’s my guys Birthday today, although at midnight last night in his time zone we kicked off the celebrations with some dancing and then some very competitve bowling.  I believe somehow Stud glued my virtual pins to the bowling alley floor because he kept winning.  Oh yea, I forgot!! I let him win because it was his birthday.

Bowl – a – rama is a great little place to go if you want to break the boredom and have a laugh!!  It’s one of the places in Sl we keep revisiting.  The funny thing is… the only picture I have to show you is from a day that I won!! lol


That’s because I had it in my profile for a while…you know, for bragging rights!!  Although, it’s a bit bitter sweet.  I was so close to a perfect game.  I will have to start practicing while Stud is asleep.

Here is the taxi so you can go and check it out:


Happy Birthday Stud!!


Have a happy SL day!


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