Yikes!!!!  Somehow I was feeling inspired one day over the weekend and I made a verbal commitment to start cleaning my inventory.

Note to self…

This is an inventory that has never been cleaned!  OMG what a nightmare!!

Of course the challenge is on….not because the inventory needs to be cleaned but because Stud thinks I won’t do it.

Over the last three and a half years I’ve talked about cleaning this disaster many many times.  Most of the time I can’t find anything but at least I know it’s there.  🙂

Well if reverse psychology works then lets get to it!!  As much as he thinks I won’t do it….I’m just as determined to prove him wrong!!!  I’ve given myself the deadline of October 31st.  So by the time I’m sitting down to enjoy some Halloween treats, my inventory should be in beautiful condition.

The challenge is on!! I’ll keep you posted.


One thought on “Delete….delete….delete

  1. need to start having ideas to distract katie maybe more underwear pictures will slow her down ……. have to raise my best plotting game agaisnt my woman ….. Game is on baby…

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