Marketplace Madness

May 28th 2012 – A very sad, teary eyed Katie sat on a couch in a super cool skybox sobbing her heart out to “some guy named Stud”.  All Stud wanted to do was make Katie happy and to try to get her to forget her woes. (hmmm maybe he had some other intentions as well :P) He said, “Hey let’s play a game to get your mind off of things.”  Hmmm sounded interesting.  “It’s a shopping game”, he said with a smile in his voice.  Hmmmm sounded even more interesting.

And so Marketplace Madness was born…

The object of the game is to put together a great outfit for the other person with the alloted budget.

The rules are as follows:

  • you’re given a budget – today it was L$500
  • you cannot buy a full outfit already put together – separates only
  • no demos can be used
  • and the most important rule of all – you must have fun!!!

For the blog, Stud came up with a terrific idea to donate the money we accumulate from the difference to Charity.  We did a bit of research and found  We visited their land in world

Photo: Stud Brucato

Here we are pictured below in our Marketplace Madness outfits.  Whenever we play this game I realize how hard it truly is to be a man in SL.  Shopping is minimal for men, especially on a budget.  It’s much easier to find quality women’s clothing at bargain basement prices than it is for men.  For this reason I constantly complain while we are shopping, telling him over and over how unfair it really is.  🙂

Stud and I are pictured here in our Marketplace Madness outfits.  I must say they turned out really great and without discussing a theme we both looked like we belonged in the picture together.  Wouldn’t it have been funny if he had bought me a bikini and I’d purchased a parka for him.  A recipe for picture making mahem.

Photo: Stud Brucato

Katie’s Outfit

Coat: KIKI Designs-Mesh Gabardine (Pink Tartan) S  L$100

Purse: PolyFarm // Julie Bag (Brown)  L$175

Shoes:  .:EC:. Fetish Platform Pump R [Basic Colors] L$99

Total Damage: $L374                           Difference:  L$126 for Charity

Stud’s Outfit

Accessories: (Dutch) Trans World Aviators L$198


Splendeurs *Kailer* Jeans Normal Fit L$110

Sneakers : CS Design – Sneakers M03 L$50

Total Damage:  $L457                          Difference:  $L43
Total $L donated to Charity:  L$169

3 thoughts on “Marketplace Madness

  1. Jesus its so hard to picture what a man wants when tries to cheer up a lady????? Come on isn’t that hard ……
    Well i advice all who se this post to take a lil bit of time and check out the org. War child and help with a donation

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