A Nice Surprise

So tonight we went to check out the October edition of Collabor88 – if you’ve never been should check it out. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/8%208/81/186/889   Each month it’s a new collection of items from various designers in SL and I haven’t managed to visit it yet without forking over some lindens.

Today I laid eyes on this ultra funky couch  – LISP – Flamingo Sofa by Pandora Popstar. I was drawn to it because of how comfy and worn it look.  In the store I was staring up at it thinking Katie would look great napping on that couch.  Instead I told Stud – “I love this funky couch – it even matches my shoes.”  I went AFK for 10 minutes and by the time we tp’d home – the couch was on our land!!! He’s so amazing. 🙂

The couch has a ton of great poses for singles and couples.  It even comes with ‘props’ and poses to use them on – coffee, laptop, a guitar, a cell phone and even some knitting needles.  How fun is that!?!?  And just in case you don’t share my same funky taste in upholstery, there were plenty of other patterns to choose from.

Photo by: Stud Brucato


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