Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone  **queue scary music now** mwahahahahahahahah

Are you scared yet?  Didn’t think so.  I guess I’m not very scary.  In RL I am not really that into Halloween but in SL I usually enjoy dressing up in for the occassion.  It was even more fun this year because Stud lives in Europe and I don’t think he quite gets the hype that we North Americans tend to place on Halloween. I had to do a little creative convincing to show him just how much fun it could be.

We were able to find these great Skeleton costumes – his and hers – because after all one of the benefits of being a couple at Halloween is being able to do the his and hers costume thing, isn’t it?!?  These skeletons are fun because they come with different clothing options giving them a definitive boy/girl look.  I wore some Midnight in Paris hair from Exile which has a bow, just to make it look even more girly.  I joked with Stud while we were doing the shot that these were our wedding photos since my skeleton had a nice white dress and he had the bow tie and top hat.

I hope you enjoy our super scaaaaaaary photo.  May your day be filled with tricks and treats.  mwahahahahahahahha

Photo: Stud Brucato

Stud’s Style Card:


Adjunct – Bow Tie  – Black

Katie’s Style Card:


ALB ANTJE coat SKELETON M white by AnaLee Balut

Hair: ::Exile:: MIdnight in Paris:Wedge


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