TP Me to a Warmer Climate

Let me start this blog out with a great big *sigggggggggggggggggggggh*.  When I left for work yesterday morning  it was 0 degrees celcius.  The high for the day was 4 C.  So it was finally time to come to grips with reality and break out the winter coats.  *insert whining and complaining here * Also, this weekend we changed the clocks to ‘fall’ back – so that means it feels like it’s constantly dark.  I started to think about the long and dreary Canadian winter ahead of me.

Luckily in SL it can always be warm and wonderful and I guess that can sometimes lift your spirits.  You can find yourself surrounded by a warm sunny beach at any moment of the day you wish.  The past few blog entries I shared some fall outfits but today I just needed to tp myself to a warmer climate so that I can soak up some much needed sun while mentally preparing myself for w i n t e r.

So today I am sending you some love and warmth from the sandy beaches of SL and blogging the BOOM bikini’s that were released in the summer. I absolutely love the shape of this bikini and the way it sits on the hips.  It’s definitely my favourite bikini of all time.  There are so many colour options too – some with patterns and some plain making it almost impossible to just own one.  You may find yourself standing in the store for quite some time trying to decide.

Blogging summer at the start of winter also gives me a chance to share with you a couple of my favourite pictures of Katie.  Stud did an excellent job with these photos and of making Katie look super hot!  She could almost pass for a bikini model huh?!?!

Hope you enjoy and if you need a break from the cold weather ahead of us – head over to BOOM, pick up a bikini and spend some much needed time soaking up some sun. (and if by chance you decide it’s still to cold for a bikini – they have all kids of other great stuff there) 🙂 Taxi to BOOM 

Photo: Stud Brucato

Photo: Stud Brucato

What I am wearing:

*BOOM* Ellio Bikini camo (bubblegum) 2

[elikatira] -[e] Studio – Blonde 01


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