Marketplace Madness – November

It’s time for another addition of marketplace madness. If you aren’t familiar with The Rules check  them out on our last Marketplace madness edition.

This time marketplace madness truly was maddening.  Stud and I planned to do this last Sunday and when we logged in the SL sites were all down.  We waited a bit and finally the Marketplace website became available.  I filled my shopping cart with all kinds of different ideas for Stud’s outfit.  Then I went to take a look in the cart to decide what to delete…and it was all gone.  Filled my cart again, and the same thing happened.  It was a little irritating but finally the bugs were worked out and we were able to shop, which ALWAYS brings a smile to my face.

Actually finding an outfit for Stud this time was way easier than normal.  I got some really good deals!!  The suit that Stud is wearing from Neo Tech is an incredible deal costing me only L$15 and the shoes also from Neo Tech  were only L$20. I think overall his outfit turned out great!!

The necklace that Stud found for me is really cute.  It was only L$1.  If you click on the medallion it opens and I was able to place a picture of Stud inside, which of course made me smile.

Of course we don’t plan our outfits ahead of time and since I dressed him up like a businessman headed to work and he dressed me up like I was a country girl – we had to spend a bit of time brainstorming ideas for a picture that would incorporate both of our looks. So here I am saying goodbye to Stud on his way to the office.  Maybe I’ll head out back and clean the stables once he’s gone. haha!  Not a chance – you all know Katie is going inside to put her comfy pants on and log on to SL.  lol

Photo: Stud Brucato

What Stud is wearing:

Glasses : AXL Pro – FASHION l Executive Glasses – L$1

Suit : Neo Tech Signature Black 2Button Mesh Business Suit -L$15

Shoes : Neo Tech Leather Dress Shoes -L$20

Biefcase : {mon tissu} Sophmore Satchel ~ Matted Black – $L330

Left hand prop:  {-Trinket-} Coffee to go – $L10

Total Cost: L$376  Total Donated to War Child:  L$124

What Katie is wearing:

Dress: *KL* Corsagedress Betsy Glitch Sky Dark – L$199

Boots: %.:EC:.Enelya’s Créations – Carina Boots right medium L$99

Necklace: [b.nuts] free love medaillon – L$1

Total: L$299 Total Donated To War Child: L$201

*Today we donated additional lindens*


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