Let me have my fairytale…

Once upon a time there lived a very unhappy girl…her name was Cinderella – she had a fairy godmother, a magic pumpkin, the prettiest dress in all the land and some rockin’ glass slippers – with all that who needs eharmony right!?!?

Photo: Stud Brucato

She got a once in a lifetime chance to go to the castle, to this really awesome ball that she wasn’t invited to.  When she got there she met a handsome Prince who whirled and twirled her all around the dance floor. That’s where the real magic happened – on that dance floor as they danced and smiled all evening long.  Getting to know each other felt magical.

Photo: Stud Brucato

She had to get her sweet self home before midnight when all the magic would wear off so, when she heard the clock strike midnight she took off running.  After all she did not want the prince to see her without makeup and in her raggedy comfy clothes.  As she was making a b-line to her pumpkin coach her sexy glass slipper slid off.  She didn’t have time to stop and pick it up, she just kept running.

Photo: Stud Brucato

The prince had run after her – he did not want this magical night to end. (wonder what he had on his mind lol) As he was chasing after her he found her glass slipper.  He told his peeps to go out and find the girl whose foot fit in that slipper.  He wanted to make her his wife.  They searched and searched for her until finally Cinderella was located and brought back to the Prince.

The Prince placed the glass slipper (from Ison) back on her cute little feet as a symbol of his love and affection – and well basically they lived happily ever after.

Photo: Stud Brucato

The truth is they probably didn’t really live happily ever after.  I’m thinking they probably had to work at their relationship lots – dealing with things like the cranky step mother-in-law and deciding who’s turn it was to take out the trash.  But really – who wants to hear about that …. right?!?!

The End

I’d like to give a special shout out to my friend Alika Aries who pointed this dress out to me which inspired me to become Cinderella for a day.

And of course thank you to my loving hubby Stud who spent more time than he ever thought he would googling pictures of Cinderella and the enchanted Disney castle.  You are my Prince Charming in every way….every day.

What Katie is Wearing:

Hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Manon” (Type A)(Cat’s eye)


[LeLutka]-Liquid Liner/AST/BLACK

Pink Acid Diva Lip Gloss – Pink – Small

[LeLutka]-2011 lashes/curl/touch me

Clothing:  Apple May designs Princess Mesh Gown – Sky (comes with gloves) *the alpha on the dress was problematic for me –  showing gaps – so it had to be remade* (thank you to my Prince Charming for helping me with that)

Shoes: ISON- fairy crystal pump


(Caroline’s)Black Pearl Choker

(Caroline’s)Black Pearl Stud Earrings

What Stud is Wearing:


Kauna – Military Retro Jacket

WC:Male:Pants: Tuxedo: Black

Shoes: iNEDIT-Footwear041 *Redford*

Accessories: *Valiant & Sacred* 2.0 Mustache & Stubble – Darker

Hair: [Shag] – How Soon Is Now – mystic


Running on the stairs: Pics n Poses-F-Linewalking-27

Putting on the Shoe: Animazoo dance poseball v3.0 – Rubs your foot

Dancing with Prince Charming: . Infiniti . – Between The Raindrops – Couple’s Pose

Boarding the Carriage: GLITTERATI – The Princess Carriage – Pose # 15


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