Laptop imprints….all over my face

This blog is very much “ours”.  When I type that I smile because we truly have so much fun doing it…maybe too much fun!!!  In almost every post you get to see Stud’s awesome photos but maybe somebody is out there wondering “What the heck does Katie do???”  Stud likes to joke and tell people I get to boss him around – which is only partially true.  Together we come up with all kinds of ideas.  We shop for props and poses and clothes and brainstorm ideas of what the pictures will look like and what we can write about.

When the idea is finally all in place and everything is purchased and set up for the photo shoot, Stud springs into action – giving Katie all the right touches to make her look at least presentable in the blog. I joke with Stud asking him to explain why there are so many touch ups required for Katie but when it comes to Stud he already looks good in the photo.  Of course that inspires Stud to open his little black book of lines and tell me something that will make me melt inside.  He’ll say something like “Baby,  just trying to make the picture as good as I see you” or “Even if I know I won’t be able to capture your inner beauty, I always try my best.” LOL  Yep that’s right – I swear he’s got a little black book of lines somewhere!!!!

Anyway, Stud usually ends up working on his photos at the end of the night and I thought it would be fun to give you a visual of what goes down.  Basically we use Skype when Stud is working in GIMP so he shares his screen with me.  He does this I think for two reasons –  one – because if he doesn’t, I beg to see what the picture looks like and secondly because he is supposed to be teaching me.  I say supposed to because his GIMP is installed in a different language and I have no idea what’s happening.

Somewhere in Europe….

It’s interesting what Stud chose to place on his desk….isn’t it?!?  I guess a more interesting question is why is he playing with his phone.  lol

…meanwhile somewhere in North America

…and ummm well this is most often what happens to me while Stud is working his magic on the blog pictures.  Sleeping like an angel….between snores.

And that concludes this glimpse into our SLives.  I’m totally committed to me GIMP lessons….honest.  🙂

Katie’s World:

Necklace: My Heart Necklace Gold&Silver V2

Ring: EarthStones Eternity Bridal Set – Platinum

Shirt: AMERIE – Mesh Sweatshirt Plain (Navy)

Eyes: Slink Mesh Eyelids (Solid) (Photo Prop)

Hair: LeLutka – TREND hair – Sweeden

Bed: What next Vera Bed

Pose: DeePosed by DeeDee Deepdene (2009) [DP] Sound Asleep 1

Stud’s World:

Socks: tube Socks pink stripe

Facial Hair: *Valiant & Sacred* 2.0 Mustache & Stubble – Darker

Hair: *Dura-Boy*31(Black)resize

Accessories: AXL Pro – FASHION l Executive Glasses – Group Gift –

Clothes: Mesh_Men’s Pj’s S

[M.o.w] Cardigan Male Black-S

Desk: MI801 Mesh Office Desk Set full perm pack – Meli Imako

Pose: MI Full Perm Male Model Poses Set v2 full perm pack poses – Meli Imako



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