Zombie Huntress

Somehow I got hooked on a TV show called The Walking Dead. I’m not really sure how or why it happened because it really isn’t the “type” of program I would be interested in.  However I’m completely hooked and totally psyched that the second half of the third season will begin on February 10th.  Stud and I were inspired to do this blog by our shared love of Zombies – sick eh?  lol

Katie is looking really badass in this post packing a huge zombie hunting gun!  Watch out Zombies – even if your name is Stud.  I’m shooting to kill!!!

Photo: Stud Brucato

Photo: Stud Brucato

Photo: Stud Brucato

….and one last bullet to the head just to be sure.

Photo: Stud Brucato

Photo: Stud Brucato

I’m unstoppable now!

What Katie is Wearing: Tattoo: .Pekka. Dirty Muddy Light 6
Tattoo: :: Wretch :: Scratch Tattoo Cuts Right + Blood
Lips: ~Hush Lipstick~ Juicy Pink 503
Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Eyes (Sapphire Night, w1)
Liner: cheLLe – (eyeliner) Eyeliner Basics (Full)
Lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/natur/touch me
Rings: EarthStones Eternity Bridal Set – Platinum
Dress: Happy Undead – Tube Dress (none of the 5 alphas provided for this dress worked for me so we created our own)
Hair: [LeLutka]-DAISY hair – Overcooked
Gun: Mesh DPistol Full Perm
What Stud is Wearing:ARM- Mr Zombie Cop! (1)
Katie’s poses – Frozen – Pistol Pose Pack
Stud’s Poses
Pic 1: Mindshift – zombie 9
Pic 2: Bounce this poses – Walker
Pic 3: Mindshift – zombie 7
Photo Shoot Location – follow the link.  It’s a really cool RP SIM already set up to look like the Zombie Apocalypse is already underway.  Really cool place for photos.
A special thanks to my photographer Stud for making all my Zombie dreams a reality.  🙂

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