It’s Just Different…

Stud had a few extra days off work in RL this week and since I did not he has been teasing me about it a little.  However, he did mention that he had a surprise for me and that I would probably get it today when I got home from work. 🙂

For once I really don’t have the words to describe the feeling I had when I opened my email.   In my head in went something like this…” OMG STUD SHRUNK!!  I need to hurry and log and make sure he’s ok!”

Photo: Stud Brucato

Photo: Stud Brucato

Then of course I realized he would be fine  He hadn’t shrunk after all – perhaps SL had grown while I was away at work.  Maybe instead of telling me that he would climb mountains to be with me, he was trying to tell me he’d climb really huge odd-looking trees to be with me.

Photo: Stud Brucato

Photo: Stud Brucato

But then I got to the last photo and I kind of forgot that Stud looked like he’d been left in the dryer too long.  All I could see were the words “It’s different when you are in love ♥” and I knew exactly what he meant.

Photo: Stud Brucato

Photo: Stud Brucato

Thank you Stud for giving me a surprise that made me smile until my cheeks hurt.  (and thank you to our blog readers for putting up with todays sappy post)

Props Used:

Pic 1:sign/Ladder /Letters/Pose

Pic 2: Tree/Letters/Pose

Pic 3: frame and vase/Pose

What Stud is Wearing:
Hair: -Entente- Le Soliel Hat & Hair – Brown – Dark Brown
Glasses: -Entente- Bliblio Glasses
Cardigan: [Pumpkin]The cardigan
Jeans: Speakeasy :: Dirty Skinny
Socks: SARTORIA Black socks
Shoes: [380] Voyager – Black

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